Stump Removal Services in Austin, TX

Does your home have unsightly tree stumps from trees that were cut down long ago? At Sunset Valley Landscape & Trees, we perform stump removal services for both the trees we cut down and any other stumps that you have on your property. We are proud to perform stump removals and other landscaping services in Austin, TX.


Why Stump Removal Is Important


You may not see the point in removing tree stumps. After all, it creates a natural seat to rest on, right? Well, that’s just about the only good thing that comes from letting a stump stay. In reality, stumps can be far more trouble than they’re worth. You’ll quickly find that tree stumps are both hazardous and annoying.


What Makes Stumps a Hazard


A stump can actually be a liability for you and your property. Because cutting down a tree leaves behind a dead stump, the stump will eventually begin to decay. This decay reaches the roots, which can then infect other plant life in your yard. The decay can also create soft spots in your yard that create tripping hazards, in addition to the stump already being a stumbling block.


This decay also attracts pests that may be harmful to other plants in your yard or even your home’s structure if you end up with termites.


What Makes Stumps a Nuisance


At the end of the day, a stump takes up valuable space on your property. It makes it so you can’t build and so that lawn mowing is more difficult than it has to be.


Sometimes, the roots will maintain life and start sprouting new trees, and, depending on the species, this can quickly get out of hand and create a small forest in your yard.


Lastly, a stump — especially a rotting one — simply looks bad and ruins your home’s curb appeal.


If you’re ready to get rid of those pesky stumps, contact Sunset Valley Landscape & Trees today by calling (512) 801-3282.