Land Clearing Services in Austin, TX

Do you have some unused land you want to clear for crops or pasture? Perhaps you want to develop a large plot of land you’ve just purchased. No matter your goal with your land, Sunset Valley Landscape & Trees can help. We offer thorough and experienced land clearing services in Austin, TX.

What Can We Remove?

We know that overgrown and debris-filled land can be a magnet for pests and fires. That’s why we strive to remove all elements of overgrown land, such as:

  • Trees: Trees can be an asset to some but can also be a liability or an eyesore to others. We can safely and thoroughly remove trees so that you can have land to work on.
  • Stumps: We can remove and grind stumps so that they don’t become a safety issue or cause new trees to grow.
  • Brush: Vegetation such as weeds can be annoying, troublesome, and even unsafe. We’ll thoroughly remove all brush to allow you full use of the land’s potential.
  • Stones: Whether your unused land is full of small stones or big boulders, these can be a detriment to cultivating crops or building homes. We’ll remove all stones, no matter their size.
  • Debris: Trash or unused equipment can quickly fill up an unused lot and leave it looking unsightly. We can remove all debris so that you can have a functional field.

If you have questions about specific things that we can remove, please call us today.

Who Can We Help?

We are able to help both residential and commercial property owners clear their land for any purpose. No matter the size of your lot or the range of debris on your land, rely on us to help landowners, business owners, or contractors.

How Can We Help?

We offer a good range of durable, reliable, and cutting-edge equipment that can deal with any land clearing challenge. We always put safety first and have the necessary insurance. We also guarantee our services for quality results.

Please call us at (512) 801-3282 to tell us about your land clearing needs.